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Your BYRU Card

The BYRU (read be ru) Card is a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card that allows you to make and receive telephone calls via both the ACeS satellite network and our GSM roaming partner networks.

The BYRU Card also holds your subscriber identity number and PIN (Personal Identification Number). What's more, the card's memory can store up to 250 names and telephone numbers.

Customer Choice

The BYRU Card offers two types of service: Prepaid and Postpaid. Prepaid cards allow you to control the number of pulses you use. Postpaid cards, on the other hand, give you access to the entire range of facilities available from BYRU. Prepaid cards cannot be used to roam to other GSM networks.

The Pre-paid BYRU Card 

All premier BYRU cards are prepaid cards. Using the prepaid card gives you a number of benefits, such as control over the number of pulses you use, and easier refilling.

Asia-wide coverage, from Pakistan and India in the west to the Philippines and Papua New Guinea in the east, from Japan and China in the north to Indonesia in the south, lets you stay in touch wherever you go.You can get your Premier BYRU card from:

BYRU Customer Care & Sales Center
Gedung Kantor Taman A9 Unit C3-C4
Jl. Mega Kuningan Raya Lot 8/9 No. 9
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12950.
Phone : (62-21) 576 2292
Fax : (62-21) 576 2290
E-mail : sales@byru.net

Premier Card

The premier card activates your BYRU card, and it's prepaid. The BYRU Prepaid Premier Package is available in a choice of two voucher value options:
  • BYRU Prepaid Premier Package (US$) US$. 125,-  
  • BYRU Prepaid Premier Pakages (IDR) RP. 375.000,- (available for indonesian customer only)

Each package consists of:

  • 1 SIM Card
  • Voucher  US$. 100
  • PUK (PIN Unblocking Key)
  • User's Guide
  • Application Forms

BYRU Refill Voucher

This voucher refills or adds pulse credits if they have run out or you think you're running low. Refill voucher face values range from US$. 50 to US$250

BYRU Refill Voucher  (US$):

Voucher Value    Active Period Refill Period
US$ 50 1 month 1 month
US$ 100 2 months 1 month
US$ 250 3 months 1 month

The Post Paid BYRU Card 

To become a postpaid BYRU card customer, you can convert your prepaid BYRU card simply by filling in an application form which provided in premier package box.


Postpaid BYRU card customers pay a monthly subscription of US$ 15.


There are several advantages to using the postpaid BYRU card over the prepaid BYRU card:

  1. Complete range of facilities
    With the postpaid BYRU card, you can benefit from all the facilities BYRU offers, for example: High Penetration Alert, Call Forward/Divert, Call Waiting, Call Holding, Conference Call, Call Transfer, Fax and Data Transmission and IDD.

  2. Lower tariffs
    The postpaid BYRU card uses a lower tariff than the prepaid BYRU card. So it's more economical, and there's no limit on the pulses you use.

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